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The Wine Route

Being in Mendoza, it is impossible to resist the temptation to visit the wineries that have given this Cuyo province so much fame. Mendoza is one of the most important wine producing centers in Argentina. Its wines have gained international recognition for their tastes, aromas and colors, but above all for "malbec". to edit the content. Be sure to add any relevant information that you want to share with your visitors.


We leave the provincial capital early towards one of the most important wine-producing areas in Argentina: the Luján de Cuyo region. Luis, our guide, predicted that it would be an excellent day to taste the wines of the most prestigious wineries in the region. “At the end of the trip, they will have learned in depth about the varieties and the different wine regions of our country.” During the trip, we had the faithful and firm company of the Andes, with its white peaks and endless rocks. "If I were a painter, I would not stop capturing on a canvas the landscape that I have in front of my eyes."

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