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city of mendoza

The city of Mendoza is the most important in the Cuyo region. Famous for su aconcagua hill, for its Malbec wines and because the deed of the liberator General San Martín, father of the Nation, was woven in it, it is one of the most beautiful and well-kept cities in the country. the hotel is another of its great pride, managing to combine traditional lodgings with the new modalities of staying in boutique wineries, something increasingly required by visitors.


Capital of the province also called Mendoza, the city is located at the foot of the Andes mountain range, it forms an incredible oasis created by man thanks to the Mendoza and Tunuyán rivers, which have been wisely ditched to create an immense irrigation network that gives life to everything it touches .

Mendoza's climate is moderate-temperate, although its mountain ranges give it a certain degree of aridity. The temperature in summer oscillates between 18 and 33º C; the days are hot and the nights are cool. In Mendoza in winter, the ski season, the minimum is 3º C while the maximum observed is 16º C.

The city of Mendoza can be reached by plane through the Francisco Gabrielli - El Plumerillo International Airport or by land through national routes 7 and 40.

When doing un city tour you can learn about the history and culture of its inhabitants, which, in addition to being appreciated in its museums, are manifested in its cafes, squares, institutions and public buildings. Of historical tradition, Mendoza preserves numerous memories of the San Martinian epic through the Hill of Glory, the Plumerillo, the San Martín Park and the variety of museums that contain documents of the passage of the Argentine hero through the region.

But nature also reigns supreme in this city, which acts as a starting point for all kinds of adventure activities and high-mountain sports, such as mountaineering, sport climbing and skiing, as well as rafting on the Mendoza River, with some sections of great difficulty appreciated even by the best in the world in the specialty.

La Wine Route is one of the oldest and most renovated attractions in the city. Visitors can tour different wineries tasting all the wines produced there, which have made this region famous in the world. And every year, midsummer, the  is celebrated in MendozaHarvest Festival.

For something, the slogan of "the land of good sun and good wine" remains intact, more successful than ever.

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