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High mountain

The classic tour of Mendoza is a tour through International Route No. 7, which begins at the South Access, in the city of Mendoza until reaching the border with the neighboring country, Chile. An important route both historically and scenically that make this excursion an unforgettable experience, impossible to explain with images and words.


During the tour it is possible to appreciate the Potrerillos dam, and the Cacheuta valley.
100 km from the capital city is Uspallata, the scene of the Huarpe indigenous occupation in pre-Hispanic times and a valley that serves to differentiate the end of the foothills and the beginning of the frontal mountain range.
A short distance away are Las Bóvedas; Historic, well-preserved adobe constructions, in which Fray Luis Beltrán, chaplain of the Army of the Andes under the command of General José de San Martín, melted down the cannons and weapons with which he would liberate Chile.
The tour continues with a visit to the towns of Picheuta, Polvaredas and Punta de Vacas, from where you can access the famous town of Los Penitentes, where one of the Mendoza ski centers is located, which operates from June to August and is a good setting for adventure tourism the rest of the year. Thanks to the service of a chairlift it is possible to contemplate a privileged panoramic view of the area.
Further on, in Puente del Inca, at 2,720 meters above sea level, the Las Cuevas river has pierced the mountain, forming a natural bridge on whose side hot springs emerge. Nearby is the Andinistas Cemetery. A short distance from the border, a magnificent natural viewpoint allows you to appreciate the splendor of Mount Aconcagua. An unpaved road that starts from the International Route, makes it possible to go a few kilometers towards the beautiful Horcones lagoon and the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

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